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Here's where you can get quick opinion on the movies playing.  If you have an opinion you'd like posted, email me here.

What Lies Beneath

This is the one of the best movies of the summer.  The plot might be a bit obvious, but I think it works well.  The mood is built well, and even the shock-scares (you know, when something leaps at you) are well done, and aren't the only thing scary about the movie.  Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer  are excellent, although Michelle should really consider eating a few good meals.
I rate this a must-see, but it is rather scary (it is a horror movie in the Hitchcock, not the Craven, sense) so if you don't like to be scared, avoid it.

Hollow Man

While not as good as What Lies Beneath, I enjoyed the movie, though it does tend to degrade into a typical horror film (bad guy makes stupid mistake of not killing people when he has the chance - good guys (and bad) sustain amazing amounts of damage but keep fighting, etc.)   I recommend it to those who enjoy the horror and sci-fi genres, but you might want to see it on cheap night. 




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